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Struggle comes.. then it goes

Sometimes our life’s purpose can be seen so vividly, especially when we are at peace with our present situation. Sometimes our peace comes with being alone, but in order to succeed in helping others we must be fully surrounded in new environments. Imagine going further without the discomfort, we would all be at such ease. Those who have experienced struggle have overcome and navigated graciously throughout the highs and lows. Keep reading if you are an expert or new to this because if you are struggling, this means you on the pathway to your success. Discover who you are, what your vision is and keep overcoming struggle. The journey can get a bit intense but the process is lead to progress. Let’s talk about what’s in your heart, what it’s all for and if you can go further than all limitations.

How come you can't seem to make up your mind? One day you've got it all figured out, then a new experience comes and throws you against the wall. Have you felt as though you are your worst enemy but your only friend at the end of the day? Well that’s okay because we all must focus on ourselves once in a while to discover what’s seriously within. All of your hopes, dreams, goals and ambitions are waiting for you to step into them. All that are mindfully above your situation, it keeps you going.

It’s time to share with you the serious possibilities that await you. Is it possible to attract the outcome you desire if you are impatient with the process, by running through the same shortcuts. There’s a choice to make. The reason you struggle is in a result of your attempt at something new. Learning a new skill, routine, talent, sport or career. Stop and think. What is your perception of the situation you're in? This was the first step upon you to discover a clear pathway toward what you want. Confidence is how to make a decision, forget the I might or sort of kinda. Be convicted in your decision and get excited about it. Ask yourself if you are willing to go through, “anything that can happen will happen,” experience.

Although the activity in your day to day world exists, outside of your vision, it’s a must to be convicted with our words. Our words mean so much, because at the end of the day, taking action is dependent upon us. If it is believed within, the words that are spoken directly follow. There’s a point you come to where you can reflect before making that next move. I recall so many times I have forgotten the desired outcome, when I was lost in the trials of day to day actions.

Going against any traditional type of way such as not eating meat and dairy, has an opposing reaction. With a new experience like this, it’s difficult to maintain a positive reflection throughout this learning curve. Your family and friends eat meat, so it’s difficult to eat with them when they center you out without acceptance. What will maintain your confidence? Your consistently convicted words that are reinstated.

Easily our minds can change, use it to your advantage. If those you love don’t understand your decisions, if you don’t either your commitment isn’t as strong. Figure out what you believe in. Do you listen to the opinion of someone else more than your own? Some if not most of us have done it. As a result, you’ll soon discover the actions you take are not being controlled by you. How does this happen, we have become uncontrolled in our own actions and reactions because of the opinion of someone other than ourselves?

Strength lies within the struggle. Who do you rely upon? Is the way you’ve set-up your career, family and hobbies what you've settled into as the road to reaching your goals in some way? It’s as easy as being convinced, that in some way, this routine is beneficial to my future. If struggle didn’t exist, the success wouldn’t be so sweet. If you’ve noticed you are never satisfied, I can relate to being in this constant situation. Give this idea a chance. Live in the moment, get comfortable with struggle because if it wasn’t there, your hopes, desires, goals, and ambitions wouldn't be worth it. Set your routine up for your success and get serious about this life that’s yours to create, because you are worth it.

If there’s struggle in regards to health and fitness help us transform your mind. Check out the Consultation page and share your goals to take a step closer toward fulfilling them. Make SUMMER 2019 your year. Are you ready?

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