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This month is dedicated to saying no to consuming alcohol for the month of September. I decided to make this months focus on no alcohol for the health benefits. This surely is a drug that many people may use to suppress hurt emotions, deal with trauma, numb any pain and more.. all of these things are only a way to temporarily assist with the issue but isn't the best option because it just leads to more problems. So let's look into why this month is important for your health and how your path will be set straight without alcohol.

Yes I understand, a glass of wine after dealing with demonic spirits is stressful but why do we need to drink spirits to feel better. We are human, correct, but the benefits of breaking away from alcohol are much more long-term. In our addictions, we are bound to them in our emotions. Then we have no control over anything which leads to defeat and perhaps depression. When we are in bondage to such things it is almost impossible to achieve freedom of mind and spirit even soul. In order to gain back control in our lives, there must be radical change. Without the love of God that is living within us, we would only have the opinions of others to count on. We must know our worth, which is above all important to God.

Choose this month to be free from such things that have negative side affects and say YES to those that are positive. This is a way to discipline your negative behavior by taking back control over your life. Let's set up a plan to keep you on track in a healthy way so that we can truly understand how to live healthy. Be thankful each day to make these small changes that make a huge difference.

God Bless,

Tatum Barrie

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