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Health is wealth is what they say, but how many of us have incorporated that into our belief system fully? This months challenge is to remove that excessive amount of processed food out of our diet. It all starts with the first step, everything big begins small.

Many times I notice my diet altering based upon my emotions and the circumstances of the day. If I'm in an environment that is stressful I'll reach out to the caffeine prone drinks, which is beneficial for those long days in the back country. It's all about what is most suitable to your lifestyle. If the highly caffeinated drinks and processed food isn't improving any part of your life, it's time to take a step back from it for a at least a bit.

If this is all new to you, go for the simple is best motto. An example of unprocessed food is raw fruit, nuts, or salmon. Any food that is in its natural form and unaltered can be defined as unprocessed. "Can I eat my regular MacDonald and Tim Horton's cause it's cheap and easy?" The answer for this challenge is no. In order to develop a habit of prioritizing your health as wealth, that lacks a progressive mentality.

This Challenge is an experiment and opportunity to develop a new habit of putting your health first. If it's your goal to be more sustainable and even save money by eating foods that provide the proper nutrition. Just like a vehicle, the fuel you put into your body will affect the performance of it in the long run. If the goal is to endure back country conditions and thrive in those states, it's a better idea to pack small and eat bit by bit through the day.

Since I live in a private cabin on a farm, I eat a lot of eggs and have even tried it raw! This source of food is long lasting with high impact nutrition in less time. I make my life easy now by not preparing huge complicated meals and keep it simple for my type of lifestyle and maintaining a strong healthy body. If you'd like tips on fasting and would like to have stronger mentality in conditions, I highly suggest adapting your body to this discipline.

Most of all this challenge will promote organization, preparation and adaptability to enduring til the end of any activity. Most important of all is proving to yourself that you can accomplish a small goal or challenge that comes up at any time. If you'd like to focus more time on your goals and avoiding processed food, the key is to plan it out. Put it into your routine and see if you have the drive to try something new. I've never regretted putting myself to the test because somehow the time always comes to overcome the struggle.

Although October is over, the Challenge up next is November and may definitely benefit your preparation for the Winter Season. Keep an eye out for New exciting programs for the Winter Season on and stay healthy out there!