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If you've been prone to the highs and lows of dieting, I've got a Challenge for you this month. The Intermittent Fasting Challenge has a purpose of redefining what body image and mind reconstruction means. This Challenge is not for everyone and please consider that it is most important to listen to your body. Maintain a gradual adaptation to redefine, "less is more."

I've been fasting for a month now in preparation for the Winter Season, which I've realized encourages my system to increase food intake cause of the colder weather. A diet reconstruction is required in order to succeed because of the physical demand your lifestyle may have. I've noticed a huge increase in mental clarity and mood from eating less. For more advanced health advocates of fasting, drink water during the time frame with no food. If you are a beginner that looks to try it out, begin with beverages such as lemon water or raw juice, water, tea or coffee with honey.

There is a progression to fasting which is why I am promoting Intermittent Fasting this month. Begin with 3hr time periods without food with a physically high demanding lifestyle such as bodybuilding and other high advanced activities. The purpose of Intermittent Fasting is to go without food for 8-16hrs at a time. These periods of time allow the body to cleanse and process possibly harmful components in our food we don't know about. Sometimes our bodies just need a break time to time from the same old routine. In such a cold transition from fall into winter, to eat at the right times can promote an improved immune system. Going without food during these time periods will increase the metabolic rate which food is digested and used as fuel. A system that is efficient in its processing will allow proper circulation to weaker tissues, organs and muscles with the potential to heal diseases that impede on health.

Always consult your most highly trusted professional on this topic, but use an open mind to consider new ideas from experienced individuals. I promote Intermittent Fasting and testify for it's benefits that have recently improved my mental clarity. Just as I took a step back from meat, it removed the weight inside of my head and body. Sometimes what we are putting into our body isn't the way it was made to work most efficiently for our lifestyle.

Give it your best shot! Don't hesitate to email to share your testimony of Intermittent Fasting.