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Nature's Nutrition That Heals

Seasons change and so do our interests. What was once thought to be amazing has changed into an altered perspective. The food that once tasted good has now become an unconscious behavior that is reversing our health. The unnatural food that has been consumed for so long.. has some negative effects. It's okay because it's never too late to change those habits for better, even a little bit at a time. Let me inform you on how preparation, organization, and health food consciousness can save you a lot of money over time.

First of all, let's start with deciphering from what's healthy and what's not. If it isn't natural it is processed. The definition of processed is the natural state has been altered for the benefit of the company making consistent sales. In this case the food needs to be imported which means it must be preserved. That's one of the reasons why constantly changing the way meal preparation is will keep things exciting while reaching for the natural ingredients. Have you noticed that the foods you love can be bad for digestion? Bread, pasta, and even cereal has negative effects on the body if there's unbalance in our food choices. Technically this is considered as fast food because it's a grab and go in this highly demanding life.

Think about how much money will be saved if we break down the costs and divide the total money spent into the days of the month. Monitor yourself for the first week, see and understand what your habits are as well as how you are feeling physically. If your training routine is boosted it is most likely your hunger will be more than before. When we plan for the month it's easier to understand what is best to purchase at the store and how much. For example a big bag of cashews could cost 29.99 if you plan to have meals with cashews once a day for the week the portion will make more sense. At the end of the day the amount of money spent on food will become insignificant because the meals for the week are planned and calculated appropriately.

Another way to save money is to use food as medicine, eat right, and prevent illness by these consistent choices. Recently I battled a tooth infection which was a result of consistently eating protein bars once a day at least for 6 months. I let my guard down when it came to supplementation and what my body needs. The amount I train is a lot, but taking that in consideration doesn't mean protein bars is what my body needed. Protein bars are practically chocolate bars, sweet, salty and melt in your mouth. I have a busy schedule as I'm sure everyone does, and taking days off of work because of a tooth infection wasn't an option. I took the matter into my own hands, no benefits at work, living in a city with high costs, I had to reverse the problem.

My high belief for the root of all healing is within nature motivated my plan of action. I have become a testimony for this belief. The benefits of garlic are for it's anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties. Instead of spending tremendous amounts of money on a consultant to prescribe processed medication I took the problem in my own hands. Every morning I would chew it almost twice a day, brush my teeth with activated charcoal and swish coconut oil in my mouth for 20 minutes. After doing this for 3 days my jaw swelled up and that was my body fighting the infection. The swelling went down and my pain went away in 7 days. It's funny what people will do when they have no choice, but this worked because within a week I was healed. These dentists are making money off of our lack of knowledge and the effects of consistent unconscious health choices.

Health food consciousness begins with the knowledge and information we consume. If you have reliable sources such as this that are honest about what is natural and healthy then that's a great place to begin. Have a plan before you go to the store, it's easy to make decisions in the store with your stomach rather than your mind. Temptations are everywhere and our emotions as well as our friends may have an attitude about food that can eventually lead to consistent bad habits. I tend to notice the details when it comes to healthy food choices. We all have a sweet tooth, it is a society norm to love and crave sweets. But how come we've let it go so far that we can't provide our bodies with what it needs no matter how much guilt overcomes us. Keep the meals exciting although it is healthy, prepare it in a way that is tasty! Home made meals such as baked sweet potatoes, asparagus and salmon. Add herbs, oils, and spices to keep your taste buds guessing. Add super foods to regular food such as spirulina on top of your oat meal.

Plan for success by staying on the right track for your health. If you are interested in making these positive changes I love to help and am offering a FREE plan for your first week. I have a Mind and Body Transformation Program coming up soon, which means your physical body will stay active with other motivated participants ready for change. Schedule a phone call under bookings on my website and we can get started.

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