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The month of March is dedicated to incorporating speed into your routine as a specific training goal. I'm talking about the focused approach to speed within your fitness routine and how it can change your game. Productivity, organization, and planning can be your biggest set-up for success. In this blog I will give you the recipe for a smooth ride to achieve a much more efficient daily routine when it comes to speed training.

In my experience set-backs come and slow down progression. Mental recovery is the first step in building confidence. Possess the discipline to be a witness when it happens. When I was younger I believed I was the fastest soccer player on my team and as a result I was and played a forward position on the field. As I got older it became one of the least most important facets of my game and I got put on as a mid-fielder which took a lot of endurance to pick up the slack of the rest of the team. In sport many of the top athletes have been recognized as the fast. The most efficient player is looked at as the one with the most talent because they incorporated speed training to get ahead.

The first question is what can I do to use speed in my fitness training routine in order to progress? If you focused on endurance training in your running routine, change it to sprints at maximum effort to reach full athletic potential. Shifting focus to speed takes a few days but the concentration to achieve this skill is exemplified over the competition. There's always a way to make the routine more difficult by incorporating speed and efficiency. Just changing the mode of the exercise can change the effort, such as instead of maintaining the same pace for skipping and maintaining it but going as fast as you can until you can't.

Notice the people that cannot seem to catch up always expect that you slow down. I'm giving the go ahead, to not slow down in any area of life to make up for what someone else lacks. It isn't your job to pick someone up every time they fall, but it is your job to be strong enough if you want to help someone. Think about those goals that lie heavy on your heart that still are yet to be seen and heard. Recall how difficult it was to stand up on your own when no-one else was there to remind you of the work and time put in. Somehow the distractions become the most important thing, because when we are off it is those things that seem to matter more. I'm telling you to remember what matters and stay in that lane of your dreams coming true. That is one of the ways to stay in the fast lane.

I'd like to see how long it takes in order to reach your goals. I believe that if you start now by preparing for your success with this one aspect of training, you'll achieve your results by Spring. It is important that the goals set are incorporated everyday into a consistent routine. This month our challenge is Speed in training and setting up our success in order to accomplish everything we need to in an efficient way. Now is the time to be fast acting, productive, focused and organized when it comes to the realization dreams do come true.

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