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How many times has there come a time when you have become off balance? Whether or not you have been there physically, I'm almost certain if you've set high goals, you've had your limits tested. Let's dive in to the meaning of flexibility and how it has an impact in our lives.

As a young child the responsibilities we carried were light. Everything was new and we could shape ourselves in any unknown environment. Now that we are older, the risks are higher in the decisions we make. Our thoughts are now based on enduring. If looking back to when you were young, looking forward to what the future would hold. In perspective of the present and going back to this moment, do you see the failing trials, or all that you've been able to overcome?

The impact of flexibility in our lives is much more than what meets the eye. It's about adapting to new environments, quickly. The ability to transform our bodies as it changes, as well as our minds. Being positive and proactive, to not neglect your health and to fall in love with the journey. If you found yourself in a room of people and I asked the question of how many people in this place have ever failed at something. All of the people that had the courage to put their hands up in honesty, what I'd tell them is I'm glad because that means you took the opportunity to learn something. If risks were easy, everyone would take them, but only those that are truly hungry for change will do it.

Now, take this time to rediscover your body and the recovery from previous neglect. In all areas of our lives, in order to reach progress we need to be flexible but absolutely committed. This month I've dedicated the focus to Flexibility that's included in the Boot Camp Program that's available. Let's evaluate what it means to establish a routine that's ultimately beneficial for the long term.

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