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For the month of January, I’ll be hosting a weekly one-one or group meet-up to maintain connection and provide re-enforcing support. Since this month’s focus is on routine, the purpose of the meet-up is to evaluate your routine and compare it with your goals. Here is where we can unite, be real people in a safe community and challenge our current success for growth!

Routine is the tool I have depended, trusted, and relied upon to continue to reach many goals throughout the years. The routine I maintained and built provided the confidence and physicality for a level change. As a result, I lift heavier, have a higher tolerance for enduring challenges, perform high impact exercise and am much more specific when it comes to training. There’s many ways routine is one of the most important factors contributed to your overall success. After a period of consistency in your routine, there’s time for a level change. The time is now, are you ready to achieve the growth required to fulfill your dream?

Now think about how your routine has expired and needs an evaluation. Take a period to stop, evaluate and reflect on the changes required to succeed. This could be a defining moment after a breakdown, or initiated and taken action upon by the lack of challenge your routine has for growth. This is so important because a productive, consistent, and maintained routine will support previous success rather than new progress. In some cases a life event may result in a set-back from your goals.

Life can throw anything at anytime without control over it and your routine will define your future success. One thing I’m challenging you to do is fight for your goal. Get up one more time, be resilient, and keep your thoughts on your vision no matter how far it may seem. You don’t know how strong you are until you prove it to yourself. Get surrounded by your recipe for success, I truly believe that’s what we will achieve together within our community.

Visit and APPLY NOW in order to be involved with our positively growing community, receive support from others on this journey and share your goals with us. Stay up to date with new challenges, meetups and programs by taking a moment to SUBSCRIBE. I wish you only the best and look forward to connect soon.