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It’s time.. To wake up from the slumber and come out on top. The more I fall the stronger I’ve become. After mistakes time and time again, a perception of making the wrong decision. It’s all one big lie because now you can be wise, and use all of the lessons in one moment. That is your victory. You have this dream, this idea that there is something greater beyond all of the struggle. You have overcome the doubt and fear inside that tells you it’s impossible.. Yet everyday you wake up with a smile on your face, I am alive and once and for all I’m going to succeed. If anyone is cheering you on it’s me, because after being down for so long no matter how long I was struggling I had hope.

There’s someone so much more powerful than every single thought that holds energy and certainty of truth, which is who we are. I’ve believed in myself, something far greater than me for so long. It’s gotten me through the toughest moments and decisions I’ve had to make in life. So if you have a decision to make in life, make it out of faith and trust that God has your back. I’ve had all angles coming against me, nothing going my way, but I was shown the way and the strength within to keep going.

It’s time for all of your dreams to be made true. It’s time to wake up early in the morning and decide it’s your day of victory. It’s time to believe in yourself fully, not just partially. It’s time to live like you have accomplished your deepest desire. It’s time to live each day as the champion you are. I’ve had enough of the negative self talk, the perfection mindset, I want to see dedicated progress and the part where that one positive thought is the only thing holding it all together. It’s finally time to stand tall and have full certainty of yourself, that you are meant to succeed.

Life is a magical journey so live it how you believe it should be lived, even beyond your own understanding. It’s time.. To take action on everything you want to do everyday! I challenge you to NEVER hold back again and live each day as if it is the first day you have lived. Breathe fully in and know there is a huge destiny of success waiting for you. The person I’m talking to mostly, is the one who has lost everything but will rise each day until they have fulfilled God’s will. Know that your creator is with you, even when you have rebelled against all things. God awaits you in all hours and moments through your life. Just be with all of your dreams, hopes, desires and passion knowing God is with you, always and forever.

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