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Pushing boundaries invokes resistance. How do you cope in these types of circumstances? There's normally two immediate options: To be destroyed under pressure or face and overcome it with strength. Inner strength is what your mind is made up of and external strength is the action you take to build on your belief.

Prove to yourself your strength is within, in order to focus on the action and force to conquer it. Everything seems to be going the opposite of your expectations or time and time again you've proven your strength. But now is the time to go deep within and find out what it is you command your life to become. Did you put in the hard work without true intention and realize it was all for someone else? Persistence requires courage to use your strength consistently to it's full potential.

You want that dream job? Work and plan for it!

You want to get in the best shape of your life? Take action on it!

You want to get your finances straight? Prepare for it!

If everyday we looked at everything we wanted to accomplish in life and thought, "I'm running out of time." Opposing perspectives result in thoughts such as, "I must rush in distress to accomplish it all," or "I have broken it down into steps and actions and can accomplish it all without stress."

The constant phases of growth motivate release of that which isn't your core being mental, physical or emotional. What matters is YOU overall. Balance requires patience with oneself and self-love. Acknowledging your needs and accepting them as important. What will it take to push you off the edge until you ask for what you deserve? Is it your inner reflection that doesn't match with your actions? Foundations fall and old identities collapse in order to apply what had to be learned. The balance between, I must rush in distress and being accomplished without the stress. Ultimately you can make that choice. Alternatively, there's an opportunity to create a vision that reflects your true strength as well as find out what it means to you.

If it's as simple as building physical strength, to reach growth your internal strength will be developed as well. Let insufficient ideas, people and foundations collapse to build one that is prosperous. It will take persistence, courage and patience over time. To balance this out overall let me tell you this, "You are worth it, and I encourage you to take the first step."

If you'd like to read the steps required from a real and honest perspective filled life experience, I'm launching my first book called The Journey To Fulfilled Greatness! The first 100 copies are FREE and in order to get on the distribution list SUBSCRIBE NOW at Don't forget to leave a comment on how you believe you can overcome challenges with strength as well as what action you will take this month to prove it to yourself!

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