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Get ready for your life to change with this Challenge. This month I invite you to Join in on the health movement within your community. For beginners for at least one meal per day for the entire month of August, you will have at least one Superfood that you enjoy in it. Have you noticed that the amount of food eaten has increased yet still feel that there's a lack of nutrition? Our food industry is filled with toxic oils, processed sugars, caffeine, and GMO. There's no balance. Think about how much stress is on our bodies each day, yet we have so much grace because of the powerful healing we possess. If there is no assistance with the healing process by our actions, then we have no control over anything. How about living the rest of your life not knowing what your really doing to your body? How about even knowing what your doing to your body but still doing it? We all have this day and everyday that we breathe to choose life, to love all of what nature provides for us. How could it be that we rely so much on food to satisfy our stress, loneliness and pain. If this is where your at right now, let me tell you there's still hope because of how fast our body heals with the right nutrition!

Superfoods are categorized as food that is highly beneficial to our health, yes it's really as simple as that. To not be too confused, if it is grown in the ground, from a tree or a bush and it is safe to eat part of what is in it is within us. We are not robots or better than nature itself, our bodies require the food that was already here growing fruitfully before it was controlled. We depend on the earth to live, yet cling onto the most pleasurable things that have absolutely no health benefits and in all seriousness will eventually lead to death. If there has been no discipline in your family, take your stand this month. Our food can reverse all diseases, cancers, addiction and more. Choose life and thrive, notice the people around that do not have any sense of respect for their bodies. We are all one body, made the same, no matter how much more money someone else has than you do. We all need our bodies to work the way it was made.

Let's go back to love our bodies and loosen all that was learned from our parents. It's a new month for you, and once you believe in yourself others will as well. Do you want to influence your friends and even your family how to live a healthy lifestyle? Start August 1st and Join us in this Superfood Challenge by eating one of the Superfoods below in every meal or to start just in one of your meals. How great it is to love our bodies and care for our wellbeing. Click this link to discover what superfoods you can eat more of this month.

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