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Push past fear in order to fully heal

Healing starts in the mind. What are you fighting for? Do you let yourself be a stepping stone for others & possibly sacrifice your dreams that lie within your heart. Everything is connected. All of your words start with your beliefs to work it's way into your emotions to lie as part of your identity. What's in your heart can be processed through your mind to be expanded into the universe which is your reality.

I just ran a 10 km run with my backpack on around Stanley Park in Vancouver, B.C. It was incredibly fun. I pushed past fear and what other people were telling me. It's too hot, it's dangerous at night and you can't do it. I fight through everything everyday. Some people get to the point where they are fighting for their life. Will you catch it before it gets to that point? Are you willing to love yourself enough to give your life a chance.

Everyday we are forgiven, and given the opportunity to start new. Fear is the unknown, embrace it and turn it into your minds favor. Running that 10 Kilometers in an hour just gives me a time to proceed past the comments. What I know is that progress comes from consistency. In order to heal after becoming aware of the root problem, take immediate action. Simply stop doing what you know is bad for you. Let yourself heal, old patterns, cycles and external forces will test you. This is the universe's way of moving your trust as well as keeping your life interesting. Be thankful every moment you can. Remember that you created your life with your decisions and thoughts. We all have a purpose to fulfill but first it starts with a feeling you love to chase after. Whether it's exhilaration, love, peace, joy or happiness when you fill your day with those emotions you can lead with your heart to your destiny.

Our nature is powerful. I discovered that my facial reactions create life in a crowd of lost hearts and souls. With happiness there is sadness, with nature there is destruction & with passion there is risk. Decide what is most important to you and use it as a way you create your life. If external forces seep too deep into your mind find a way to release it and come back into your inner knowing. The way everyone processes experiences is different. That is why the ability to not react is critical, allow yourself to be aware but do not take action on which you do not wish to be influenced by.

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