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Overcome Bad Habits

Many of us have an ideal type of lifestyle that we deeply desire to fulfill. But everything seems to go against us as soon as we take a leap of faith to change our present reality. Why must we struggle at the beginning of our journey, especially when it’s for the better? This article I’ve written is just what you need to hear to continue forward and feel no doubt about whether you

will overcome or not.

First of all, believe in yourself and conquer. I love the motivation and inspiration that comes with a new goal once it's written down. Everyone has struggles when they begin something new. Focus on the end result in those moments of weakness. Be in the moment, love yourself and continue to believe. The biggest goals take consistent progress and learning until it just becomes a natural habit. How does this happen? The routine will have an impact on how quickly it takes to adapt to the new.

A key tip here is to set-up your circumstances to succeed. If you have a pathway to work each day that drives you to grab a coffee on the go, either change the amount of time you sleep or replace that coffee with something that will make you just as happy then remember what your ultimate outcome is with this delayed gratification. Wow, that was a lot I just shared with you. This topic is one that I absolutely enjoy sharing because of its importance and future impact along your journey it has. Temptation is everywhere! Recall to your humble self that no-one is perfect, if you aren't consistent, stay persistent. If you don’t believe you can do it, know that I do. This article is at your dispense until you reach that goal because I love you!

Have you found yourself questioning all areas of your life and asking yourself is this what I want? There's critical moments in life when you feel the need to rethink the direction you are going in. This is an important realization that only a few may come to take action upon.

Intellectually this urges a rewiring of the mind. A few things moved around within it, in order to keep striving forward with the same attitude as when you started. Our mind is like a puzzle, we have a picture of the desires we have, then need to resolve and adapt with the pieces we have scattered all over in life. Think of how difficult it would be to put the puzzle together without the bigger picture. Now think on the pieces of the puzzle that don't fit with the bigger picture. Don't become a master of each piece that is only part of putting it all together. When the pieces don't fit reflect on why not?

Part of the journey is the unlimited moments of self reflection. In order to stay real with yourself, the process and the progress that has been made thus far. This is an important step to fulfill your minds eye and step closer into the person you are visualizing to ultimately become. Many of us have inspirations, motivations and ambitions that are kept in our mind. Fearful of what is to come with such a vulnerable risk out in the open.

Ask yourself this question. In order to believe I am worthy of the position, I cannot seem to stop thinking and believing in, what would a successful day look like? Place yourself into that desired reality then take the steps that you believe your self actualization would need in order to fulfill these daily experiences and tasks. Visualize yourself reaching that goal and fulfilling the dream. If it's in your heart it's already yours. Whatever is holding you back, eliminate it and focus on what your striving toward. If you look back once you've reached your goal, you'll realize how much all of the emotional energy you were carrying wasn't worth such intense focus.

Anything that makes you feel negative and down on yourself is just a nudge to reflect. Many people will tell you simple advice, but it only makes sense to you when it comes from someone you can believe in. Something they say just touches your heart. It's so easy to let go of all of the reasons you continue through the struggle. This way you can decide in an instance to regain your power and visualize your best outcome. Find your inspiration, recall how important the feeling of achievement is, overcome the emotional baggage and find your way to fulfill your dream. Even if it means others turning their backs on you because only you know in your heart what it feels like to achieve everything you've ever wanted.

The cross road is for your own good. At times like these reflect upon what it is YOU want, because everything going on right now is the result of you fulfilling that purpose. Think of life as a mountain. Overtime old ways break, nature adapts, then the seasons change but the way the mountain is formed remains. The way your life takes form takes time with no need for reaction just continuous inner reflection.

Take what you need from this article and continue through your journey with your best outcome in mind. Times are tough but you are overcoming and becoming tougher! Refer to this article right where you found it to reflect on. Let’s do this the right way! I wrote this with so much love for whoever is reading this, when no one else has your back this blog definitely does. Thank-you for taking the time to read this for your highest good!

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