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Tips to starting your fitness journey before getting started!

Before you leave the house!

I plan out my day so nothing is left on the table, towel, a glass water bottle, shorts, tank, socks, underwear, access card, work-out plan reference (in the beginning of routine starting), hair tie, & a snack for after the vigorous training session to recharge.

Organize when you plan to eat so it is in correlation with when you work-out. A diet involving fats & protein deem the most beneficial in fast weight loss & muscle gain. It is proven that Carbohydrates aren't essential in your diet because the body can produce energy from fat & protein.

The average Canadian Woman requires 1,500 - 2,200 calories per day this may vary depending on goals and time length. To find out how much protein you are required each day multiply .8 grams by weight in kilograms.

As a vegetarian I recommend protein from vegetables dark leafy greens. Healthy greens include spinach, green beans, & broccoli. Add in several colored vegetables on your plate to increase a variety of vitamins. Dietary fat that is the most beneficial are sources of seeds; chia, flax, & pumpkin seeds. Nuts; almonds, walnuts, & Brazil nuts. Oils; olive and coconut. Last but not least Fish; wild caught Alaskan salmon, albacore tuna, & rainbow trout. The simpler the better!

One cup of warm water is proven to be beneficial to drink in the morning because it increases your metabolic rate. To say the least its a calorie burner. It is required you douse down 2 liters per day of water to stay sharp & well hydrated. Drinking the amount specified above increases weight-loss leaving you only eating when you are sufficiently deprived of your daily needs.

Always start at a reasonable pace while getting into your new routine, that you will actually enjoy doing every-day with our exercise planners that are catered to you! Several times I failed at staying consistent because I was unorganized with planning my meals, exercise routines, fitness goals, time of workout, and my rate of difficulty in the beginning of my journey.

Starting small is key to understanding your body's needs because when you start to work-out the Central Nervous System is in Power-Save mode. The brain needs the signal to warm-up then kicks the Central Nervous System into high gear. We can work on that with you one-on-one!

A Dynamic Warm-up is key to increasing blood flow, flexibility, recovery time, & preventing the risk of injury. This engages Core Muscle Stabilizers with controlled movements. Dynamic mobility improves range of motion and flexibility in large muscle groups. Examples of Dynamic Warm-ups include:

  • Jumping Jacks

  • Lunge with twist

  • High kicks or high knees

  • Walking Lunges

220 minus your age is what your target heart rate can be during your work-out that you chose for your specific goals. This is a good starting point to how much your cardiovascular system can handle as you gradually get more advanced!

Refer to our Nutrition, Exercise, & Progress Tracking documents for assistance throughout your journey to reach your highest potential! Get your membership now to begin the positive journey of self-fulfillment. Don't forget to refer friends to get 50% off of your membership!

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